Concrn Responders mediate crises

with our neighbors suffering from homelessness, mental illness, or substance abuse.

When 911 isn’t the best option Connect with the Compassionate Response Network

Compassion at Work-

We are a compassionate social service network that connects people in need to volunteer responders trained in crisis intervention and mediation. We offer an alternative to calling 911 for many crisis situations. Concerned citizens can download our mobile app on iPhone or Android or call us directly to access our services. We make it easy for both witnesses and victims of nonviolent crises to create a report and directly dispatch our network.

Inspired by the work of CAHOOTS — a 26-year old program of the White Bird Clinic in Eugene, Oregon — we are dedicated to providing caring crisis support. We believe that this “Compassionate Response” model is more humane, harm-reducing, and cost-effective than a law enforcement approach to non-violent crises.

Our coordinated teams of responders help connect individuals suffering from homelessness, mental illness, and substance abuse, to the resources they need. These resources include local mental health, physical health, and shelter services. In addition, our ongoing case management program encourages clients to maintain their connection to these support services by promoting clients’ sense of self-worth through alternative methods like art and music collaboration.


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