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The Concrn app collects anonymous and aggregate data from users. By “anonymous and aggregate”, we mean that all the information we collect is stripped of any personal identifying information, such as name and phone number. We collect anonymous actions to help us measure impact and improve the service. This Policy in no way restricts or limits our collection and use of aggregate information about use of the app.

The Concrn app uses Third Party Software to collect and store anonymized and aggregated data, such as: GPS location information of incoming reports and demographics on the reports filed.

What we do not collect:

The platform does not collect or transmit personal data of any kind. All personal information is stored directly on the phone, and is automatically deleted if the user deletes the application.

We do not collect or track:

  • Names and telephone numbers
  • GPS coordinates (in association with a specific user)
  • User actions (in association with a specific user).

 Again, all personal data is stored locally and names and telephone numbers are not collected and cannot be transmitted to any third party.

 Apple/iTunes and Android/Google Play stores collect and store basic metrics about the app: number of downloads and the countries in which downloads occur. This information is not stored with any personal identifying information, such as name and phone number of app users.